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Drain Cleaning in Napa

Complete Plumbing Services is proud to be the top choice for drain cleaning services in the Napa area.

Our expertly trained and highly experienced staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve your slow or clogged drain problems.

Complete Plumbing Services uses the latest equipment and tools for efficient, rapid drain cleaning. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, showers and tubs, floor drains, sewer lines, and downspouts.

In the case of a drain blockage, you can trust the team at Complete Plumbing Services to resolve the issue and have your drain flowing easily again.

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Clogged Drain Services

A partially or fully clogged drain must be acted upon right away, or it will quickly become a larger problem. A drain backup can cause significant damage and inconvenience to your home.

At the first sign of a blockage, Complete Plumbing Services will dispatch a plumber to resolve the issue. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We guarantee Napa residents will be satisfied with our top-quality service at competitive prices.

Our Methods

Complete Plumbing Services offers the complete range of traditional plumbing services. However, we are also pleased to provide two state-of-the-art plumbing services which allow us to serve our clients faster and easier.


Complete Plumbing Services is pleased to offer a drain cleaning technique called hydro-jetting to our customers in Napa.

Hydro-jetting uses a specialized nozzle and a high-pressure hose. The water is forcefully blasted into the problematic drain, quickly dislodging and draining sludge, fats, grease, dirt, hair, and any other buildup that is causing the blockage.

The pressurized water races through the pipes in a spinning motion, providing thorough and even cleaning of your drains from any angle.

Compared to the conventional method of using a plumbing snake, hydro-jetting is much faster and more effective.

While drains may have to be snaked several times a year to maintain swift drainage, hydro-jetting is so effective that it may only need to be performed every two years.

Video Drain Inspection

It’s easy to solve a problem when you can visualize it. However, it is difficult to get a vantage point of dark, narrow, winding pipes.

Complete Plumbing Services uses a video drain inspection to view the problem before any action is taken.

For this service, we use a flexible cable with a small camera attached on one end. The camera is equipped with a radio transmitter and an infrared light to illuminate the inside of the pipes.

In addition to being able to view the blockage, the camera also provides the location of the blockage and identifies breaks. The camera records video footage of the inspection that can be reviewed at a later moment.

Video drain inspections can be performed even if blockages aren’t occurring. In fact, they can form a huge part of the preventative maintenance for a drain.

It provides a non-invasive, simple, informative way to explore the network of pipes within your home.

By using video drain inspection along with our conventional services, Complete Plumbing Services can identify and therefore solve drainage problems more quickly.

This makes it even more rapid and affordable for our clients in Napa!